Thursday, September 15, 2005

NOTE: The next Healthy Gourmet class at our home will be Sunday, September 18, 3-5 pm.

Call 509-663-8326 for directions if you have not been here before! The menu offered below will be repeated, with a few variations...this is a private event and reservations are required. As of Sept 15 there are still a few places open. Class size is limited.

Fresh, tree-ripe, biologically-grown nectarines from our front yard orchard were a feature

of The Healthy Gourmet Class last night, September 14, at our home.

Thanks to Bob and Bob, Valda and Stacey, Patty and Heath, and Angela and Brian, for joining us to celebrate the great flavors of simple, health-giving natural food.

The menu for this private event was:

Stovetop sourdough wholewheat red onion flatbread, black bean crockpot soup, tomato/serrano/peach salsa, healing vegetable soup, broccoli sunflower seed salad, and the fresh fruit dessert directly from the suburban homestead, picked shortly before serving, the nectarine/black seedless grape dessert, with a light ginger honey lime sauce. Complemented with a Washington Chardonnay and lemon/lime sparkling water, and the demonstrations and stories surrounding the foods and the simple food prep techniques, the evening light gave way to the flickering of the tiki torches.

It is a bit of a challenge to be Chef and Photographer at the same time, as we realize the great photo-ops we passed by---Scott rolling out the flatbread while sharing the stories about watching the naan bakers in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, then living on naan and apricot preserves in Kabul for three days while waiting for visas for India in 1973. Ruth's flourishes as she prepped the veggies for the healing soup, while sharing the story of the benefits of miso, drawn from the aftermath of Hiroshima....and Bob Scott's fantastic story about his lab partner who was a brewer/winemaker extraordinaire who always had various fermenting concoctions going at their dental technology lab in San Diego...

Ah the delights of good food, good people, a perfect, warm evening, a glass of wine, and sharing a strategy for saving money while living better. Thanks again for your participation!

The classes are going well, and we look forward to doing a "virtual tour" of The Suburban Homestead for one of our next postings. We will join with the Coronary Health Improvement Project (CHIP) for the Lifetime Wellness Expo here in Wenatchee this upcoming Saturday, September 17, at the convention center. If you are local, come see us there, and stay tuned to our weblog for the latest class postings. Do take time to review the archive if you are new to this site!

Love, good health, and great eating to you!

Scott and Ruth

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Greetings from Ruth and Scott Parsons!

With The Healthy Gourmet Food and Lifestyle classes in full swing, we launch the
Healthy Gourmet blog, in the same spirit.

We are dedicated to the simple mission of changing the world with better food, which connects us to everything and everyone. Local cuisines and foods will continue to become more valuable as the cost of energy sources increase. We will show you how to save money by simplifying your shopping and eating, how to reach and maintain your ideal weight. and how to make the easy choices which allow for better health for you and a better planet for all of us.

Our most profound exposure to our environment, lifelong, is what we choose to put into our bodies via our eating and drinking. We hope that the classes, and discussions, travels, and seminars which we create will allow thousands to join us as we change the world, one person, one meal, one family at a time. We welcome anyone who has positive energy to share.

On this site, we will post our announcements of upcoming classes and seminars, recipes which we create for our classes, shopping tips, growing tips for those with and without gardens, and much more. Thanks in advance for your own personal commitment to health and wellness and your love of the foods which support your life. We will tell the truth and we promise to continue to be living proof. We do not advise things that we have not personally tested over time.

Just as an appropriate disclaimer, since we will discuss health topics from time to time:

Neither Scott nor Ruth is a Physician, Registered Dietician, Physical Therapist, or Chiropractor.

We both have college degrees, advanced studies in a number of fields, and various professional certifications, but we do not intend for our advice to be taken to claim to cure, mitigate, or prevent disease. According to current law, only drugs or medical/surgical procedures may make such claims. If you have a health condition, please consult with your licensed Health Professional!

Let's go forward in this fun, sharing mode to the natural intimacy of creation and consumption of extraordinary foods, which transform your body and your life experience by connecting you with the magic of life itself.