Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Book-signing at A Book for All Seasons--a fun success!

Our book-signing, for our self-published cookbook, went very well on Saturday, February 2, in Leavenworth, WA.

We enjoyed the first release of the expanded second edition of the book, with many new recipes added, and special sections on how to do a natural foods kitchen makeover and also notes on food for travel, so you can feel as good as you do at home when you are out on the road.

If you know of an independent bookseller or an organization who would like to sell our books, please let us know. We are available for educational and inspirational speaking, teaching, and for lunch-and-learn events for businesses who would like to show their employees how to discover how inexpensive and how flavorful real food can be! Imagine the benefits to companies when fewer people are sick, obese, and tired!

Our book is also available by contacting us directly, and can be shipped if you would like to send a copy to someone as a gift. As always, we remind you that we have designed this simple, flavorful natural foods program to save money, save lives, and save the planet! There is no portion control and no calorie counting, because when you use simple, flavorful natural foods instead of processed foods, the food itself is very nourishing and completely balancing and self-limiting.

We advise reading the new book by John Robbins, Healthy at 100, which will teach you WHY it is important to consider eating lower on the food chain, if better quality of life at every age appeals to you! Our cookbook will act as a guidebook, or the "how to" program to make the transition to simpler eating and better health as easy as possible.

Contact us at XtraHealth@aol.com or at 509-663-8326


Scott and Ruth Parsons