Thursday, January 08, 2009

Healthy Gourmet Personal Chef Service

Weekly Food Delivery Menu:

January 13 - February 3, 2009

Each week's supply of food feeds 2 people at least 2 meals (4 meals total). If you add additional foods to the Healthy Gourmet package, you can stretch your meals even farther (example: make up a simple tuna salad to go with the Rye Bread for a workday lunch)!

Week One: Delivery on January 13
1 quart Vegan Beet Soup (Borscht - pictured above)
Vegetarian Sausage and Cabbage over Creamy Caraway Noodles
Potato Salad over Mixed Greens
1 Loaf Rye Bread
1 2 oz. tub herb butter

Week Two: Delivery on January 20
1 quart Red Lentil Dal with sweet red pepper
Channa Masala over Basmati Rice
Nappa Salad with Creamy Cilantro Dressing
1 8 oz. tub Apple Chutney
2 rounds Flatbread with Onion Seeds

Week Three: Delivery on January 27
1 quart Butternut Squash and Miso Soup
Roasted Wild Salmon and Leeks with Lemon Pesto Sauce over Quinoa
Mixed Greens with Marinated Chickpeas and Red Onion
1 pint Hummus
1 Whole Wheat Baguette

Week Four: Delivery on February 3
1 Quart Savory Onion Soup
Tempeh Chili with Roasted Peppers
Mixed Greens and Parmesan Herb Pasta
1 - 2 oz. tub Molasses Butter
1 Whole Grain Cornbread

Price List:
1 week: $50.00 + 8% sales tax = $54.00
2 weeks: = 108.00
3 weeks: = 162.00
4 weeks: = 216.00

All weekly orders must be completed and pre-paid prior to the week ordered.
(Please specify which week you are ordering (1 - 4 as described above).
Prepaid Orders for the entire month are due January 10, 2009.

Method of Payment: we accept cash, check or PayPal.
Those ordering all 4 weeks of food will receive an additional 2 dozen Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies and 1 bag Cranberry Pecan Granola.

Delivery Schedule:
Delivery will generally be Tuesday evenings. If you cannot be home at the time of the food delivery, please leave an empty cooler with blue ice at your door, and we will pack your food order into the cooler. In winter, please rememver to bring in your cooler when you arrive back home, to avoid freezing your salads.

We use recyclable food-grade plastic containers and canning jars to pack soups, main courses, and salads. Canning jars may be returned to us for sterilization and re-use. Please recycle plastic containers.

Items and prices subject to change, due to the season, availability, and market prices.


Blogger jericuts said...

Hello Scott,
will call you.

9:58 PM  
Blogger granny said...

The Borscht is absolutely delicious! Thank you Ruth and Scott for a wonderful lunch.

8:35 AM  
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