Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Vegan Wedding Cake

This cake is a prototype for a cake I will be making for a vegan wedding on July 4, 2008. The recipe is a variation from Beverly Lynn Bennett's recipe for Vanilla White Cake on her website, ( I used part whole wheat pastry flour).

The icing recipe is a variation on the Buttercream Icing recipe you can find at ( I used organic shortening and soymilk). Wilton is the long-time purveyor of cake pans, cake decorating tools, etc.

I used blueberries and pansies for decoration. Everyone who ate this cake said it was delicious. I tried some leftover refrigerated cake five days out and it was moist and delectable. Any questions on this cake, just comment and I will write you back.

Happy Baking ! - Ruth



Blogger mamadalgas said...

I loved this cake! It was so beautiful and delicious. In fact we continued to enjoy it for almost a week past the day it was served. Thank you Ruth for making our celebration fabulous!

1:54 PM  
Blogger Billie Sinclair said...

Hi Ruth and Scott,

Welcome back to Body Wise! We met a few years ago at an event, and I bought your cookbook. I live in Vancouver, BC and would love to hook up with you guys, and other folks in Washington in the Body Wise family. What do you think of that idea? Coffee, lunch, dinner?

Billie Sinclair
(778) 229-9271

This is a lovely blog!

6:23 AM  
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