Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Green Season--Spring 2008

Local greens for fresh salads, green fields of spring wheat, the first green leek sprouts in the garden---in a time of rising energy prices from fossil fuels, the greens of spring are most welcome! Anyone may reduce their negative impact on the environment by paying attention to eating lower on the food chain, and seeking local food sources.

We've been teaching monthly classes in Wenatchee on The Healing Power of Food, and expanding our Green Catering business, The Healthy Gourmet. All of a sudden, organic food, local food, and green cuisine are popular...and hey, it couldn't be more timely

With the trend in Green Weddings on the upswing, we are there to create an incredible gourmet food experience to celebrate sustainability in food and relationships! It is a pleasure to work with brides and grooms-to-be to create a unique food experience for the reception or wedding dinner. We have two weddings on our catering calendar already, and there are room for more, with enough advance notice.

As Grower/Chefs we plant the best varieties, selected from our 36 years of experience in natural agriculture. In the early spring garden now are kale and leeks (full size and harvestable), arugula, nappa cabbage, onions, fennel, tarragon, spearmint, spinach, lettuce, red cabbage, and a wonderful oriental 'braising greens' mix for stir fries.

It has been a challenging year with many late frosts, so having the above crops in the garden which are hardy and totally frost resistant, is really comforting. Our fruit crop is uncertain, due to late frosts, but we will know more in several weeks as we can then see the appearance of the fruits as they form and size up. It has been too cold for bees to fly for most of the spring so far, plus temperatures as low as 25 in the last two weeks have been rude to the fruits and the growers...

If you know of anyone interested in natural, sustainable, gourmet foods for a wedding or family celebration of any kind, give us a call.

Scott and Ruth Parsons
The Healthy Gourmet Food and Lifestyle School