Thursday, January 22, 2009

Flatbread Modern Cuisine from an Ancient Tradition

Scott brought back the tradition of baking flatbread in the 1973, when he returned from his travels in India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. As Scott tells the story, he was on a bus through the Khyber Pass toward Kabul when the bus broke down near Jalalabad, in Eastern Afghanistan. He had nothing to do for four hours while repairs were made, except watch local bakers at work making naan, the local flatbread of the region. The aromas of wood smoke and fresh-baked naan, combined with the sweet/tart flavor of the local apricot jam on the warm bread, created an unforgettable "village food" experience!

The bakery was completely outdoors-- the oven was made from a thick, horizontal plate of steel set on a long rectangular base of firebrick and adobe, with a stoking door for adding entire 6-foot logs, lengthwise. Adobe was formed in an arcing tunnel over the steel plate, with no door at enclose the "oven" space--but obviously the oven was hot enough it did not need a door!

It was January, but the workers were lightly dressed as they worked near the huge oven. Each long naan flatbread was placed all the way in the oven on a long wooden paddle, then removed, less than two minutes later, fully baked, with a few charred spots adding to the unique whole wheat flavor....

During our time in Minnesota, we made flatbread on the stovetop of our Home Comfort woodstove, but now we use a similar, simple recipe and a modern, very hot, convection oven to create a fast-baked and delicious whole-grain flatbread.

Instant "Flatbread Pizza" Ideas: (Heat oven to 400 F. and bake 12 minutes)
Marinara sauce, onions, peppers, tofu and parmesan cheese.
Hummus, diced tomatoes, Kalamata olives, oregano, and Feta cheese
Black bean spread, salsa, and sweet corn kernels with cheddar cheese
Vegenaise, pesto, shredded smoked salmon, and parmesan cheese

(Note: We always use cheese sparingly, as a "seasoning", and suggest you do the same.)

Other "Quick Meal" Ideas using Flatbread:
Flatbread Pannini with Grilled Veggies or Tuna Salad
Flatbread and Dal (Traditional Indian soup with Red Lentils)
Flatbread and Chili
Flatbread and Egg Scramble with Fresh Veggies (see photo above)

The possibilities are virtually endless, so use your imagination! Flatbread is a staple bread in our food subscription service. Order some from us today!


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Healthy Gourmet Personal Chef Service

Weekly Food Delivery Menu:

January 13 - February 3, 2009

Each week's supply of food feeds 2 people at least 2 meals (4 meals total). If you add additional foods to the Healthy Gourmet package, you can stretch your meals even farther (example: make up a simple tuna salad to go with the Rye Bread for a workday lunch)!

Week One: Delivery on January 13
1 quart Vegan Beet Soup (Borscht - pictured above)
Vegetarian Sausage and Cabbage over Creamy Caraway Noodles
Potato Salad over Mixed Greens
1 Loaf Rye Bread
1 2 oz. tub herb butter

Week Two: Delivery on January 20
1 quart Red Lentil Dal with sweet red pepper
Channa Masala over Basmati Rice
Nappa Salad with Creamy Cilantro Dressing
1 8 oz. tub Apple Chutney
2 rounds Flatbread with Onion Seeds

Week Three: Delivery on January 27
1 quart Butternut Squash and Miso Soup
Roasted Wild Salmon and Leeks with Lemon Pesto Sauce over Quinoa
Mixed Greens with Marinated Chickpeas and Red Onion
1 pint Hummus
1 Whole Wheat Baguette

Week Four: Delivery on February 3
1 Quart Savory Onion Soup
Tempeh Chili with Roasted Peppers
Mixed Greens and Parmesan Herb Pasta
1 - 2 oz. tub Molasses Butter
1 Whole Grain Cornbread

Price List:
1 week: $50.00 + 8% sales tax = $54.00
2 weeks: = 108.00
3 weeks: = 162.00
4 weeks: = 216.00

All weekly orders must be completed and pre-paid prior to the week ordered.
(Please specify which week you are ordering (1 - 4 as described above).
Prepaid Orders for the entire month are due January 10, 2009.

Method of Payment: we accept cash, check or PayPal.
Those ordering all 4 weeks of food will receive an additional 2 dozen Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies and 1 bag Cranberry Pecan Granola.

Delivery Schedule:
Delivery will generally be Tuesday evenings. If you cannot be home at the time of the food delivery, please leave an empty cooler with blue ice at your door, and we will pack your food order into the cooler. In winter, please rememver to bring in your cooler when you arrive back home, to avoid freezing your salads.

We use recyclable food-grade plastic containers and canning jars to pack soups, main courses, and salads. Canning jars may be returned to us for sterilization and re-use. Please recycle plastic containers.

Items and prices subject to change, due to the season, availability, and market prices.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Happy New Year!
The Healthy Gourmet
Personal Chef Service offers

Please review the menu for the first month of Healthy Gourmet Personal Chef Service, starting on Tuesday, January 13, and continuing through the fourth week, February 3.

We plan to provide a Winter Quarter of Weekly Food Delivery (3 months
worth). A menu for the second month will be posted on January 27, and
for the third month on February 24.

GOOD NEWS! Lower fuel prices allow us to provide delivery to you this
winter FREE OF CHARGE. We have two reliable Jeeps, and we can get food
to you in just about any weather! Relax at home after work, and let us
bring the food to you. This offer also includes Leavenworth residents.

Please note also the ethnic origins of the foods ...

The first week reflectsGerman/Ukrainian traditions of hearty root veggies, with sausage and
cabbage--delicious, nutritious, and traditional! The second week, journey to South Asia and the Indian subcontinent for some soothing hot entrees, then enjoy atraditional favorite from the Northwest, with a bit of Asian flair for week three. Finally, we round out the month with
some world-fusion cuisine, mixing European and Asian nuances, with classic American fare!

This is a time of renewal and planning for the new year-- The Healthy Gourmet Personal Chef Service will help you through the process...

We look forward to hearing from you. Please consider referring us to friends, acquaintances, and family who may take comfort in eating well through the winter. It's the best strategy we know for moving beyond "just surviving" to "thriving"!

Scott and Ruth
The Healthy Gourmet