Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ancho Pepper Roast

The last Sunday in October was a golden Indian Summer day. Our intuition told us that the evening would be perfect for the yearly Ancho Pepper Roast. Glasses of cabernet sauvignon were poured on the backyard patio, and we sipped the wine while the outdoor cast iron fireplace warmed to life with a fast-burning Willow log fire in its belly.

Soon the burning gases of the logs were shooting out the fireplace chimney, creating an area of intense heat, just right for pepper roasting. We pierced the peppers with a long barbeque fork and roasted them until the skins bubbled and blackened. The peppers were then put in a stainless steel pan with a lid and cooled overnight. In the morning we scrapped off the charred skin, and froze the roasted pepper meat!

Ideas for Roasted Peppers

Ingredient in: salsa, hummus, or guacamole, soup, sandwich, pasta dish, salad!

Hint: The peppers are easier to chop in bite-sized pieces when they are frozen.

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